Walk the walk…

Last week I was in Portland for an amazing photography conference – Mystic. It was a smaller more intimate conference that felt more like photo camp than a conference. I spent the week being inspired, making new friends, sharing my dreams and fears, and allowing my self the chance to just play with my craft.  One night after an inspiring talk from Jen Rozenbaum,  an east coast boudoir photographer, a bunch of us girls went back to our hotel room to play with posing and just have fun creating.  My talented friend, Jacqueline Willard, took this photo of me that I just love.  I’ve been photographing beautiful women for their boudoir sessions for the last 5 years. I’ve now done 2 boudoir sessions myself and I will continue to do more.  It is amazing to be photographed in a way that captures your femininity and leaves you feeling empowered.  I firmly believe I need to walk the walk if I’m going to talk the talk and ask my clients to reveal themselves before my lens. Understanding how it feels to be exposed and vulnerable in front of a camera, I can now relate better to how my clients might feel at their boudoir sessions with me.  Are you ready to reveal yourself?!


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